The Mental Power of
Martial Arts in Leadership
and Teambuilding

As a successful former top athlete and entrepreneur, Christian Daniel Mayer creates synergies between competitive sports and businesses. He teaches and reinforces topics on Leadership & Team Building through the mental power of martial arts.


For the company

  • Show solutions to employees who are ready for change
  • Manage worries and fears
  • Increase productivity
  • Grow sales and profit
  • Increase motivation
  • Promote team energy
  • Harmonize working atmosphere
  • Reduce absences due to illness
  • Reduce turnover

For the personality

  • Improve inner motivation
  • Solidify self-confidence
  • Fortify self-reliance
  • Implement empathic Leadership
  • Strengthen self-esteem
  • Release stress & blockades
  • Promote self-assurance
  • Increase vital energy

Christian Mayer has the ability to transfer the wisdom of Far Eastern Martial Arts into everyday business life and to sublet knowledge in a sustainable way through interaction, joy and personal experience.

His working style is shaped by his high commitment over four decades of experience.


His clients are enthusiastic about profitable, new approaches and experiences they never thought possible.

«We were thrilled by your competence, your energetic and humorous manner, your presence and the holistic mix of wisdom, Asian martial arts and unconventional strategies in daily working life.»
Prof. Alexander Klapproth
Leiter iHomeLab, Hochschule Luzern
«With the person Chris Mayer we got a very competent, down-to-earth, methodically very strong and authentic sparring partner. (_) We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to Chris Mayer for the very successful cooperation.»
Bruno Thürig
Direktor CEO, Obwaldner Kantonalbank
«The benefit for us is that employees can now make clear decisions and radiate more self-confidence. Your methodical-didactic skills have convinced us and we would engage you again as a trainer at any time.»
Cyrill Weber
Unternehmensleiter, Zuger Verkehrsbetriebe
«You have taught us to keep things short by setting clear goals and yet to be able to react quickly and optimally to changes. In our fast-paced everyday life in the hotel industry - with ever growing expectations of our guests - this is decisive for success.»
Jörg Arnold
Direktor, Storchen Zürich
«Your interactive mental training workshop 'Ki & 7 senses' was a great and impressive experience for all participants. With various exercises we learned to make the seemingly impossible possible. We thank you very much for your 'sensesational' workshop and can really recommend the cooperation with you, Mr. Mayer.»
Ulrich Hurni
Leiter PostMail, Schweizerische Post
«Thank you very much for the successful 'ki-energy, relaxation and tension, conflict management' at our team event (17 participants). We are convinced that we have come one step closer to our set goal 'Everything is possible in the lightness of being...'.»
Alex Hall
Head Finance & Controlling, ABB



Successful leadership through focus, determination, intuition and negotiation ability.


Activate the inner motivation of your employees and develop their potential.



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