Christian Daniel Mayer has been an independent entrepreneur for over 28 years and has developed his own training methods during this time. He combines the teachings of the Far Eastern martial arts with the current businesses’ daily life.

The different methods are individually tailored to your needs.

The Ki-energy

The use of energy, focus and physical exercises to:
  • Release unexpected energies and achieve more with less effort
  • Feel your center and reach your full potential at all times
  • Develop and sharpen perception
  • Find solutions with ease and implement them efficiently
  • Recognize your true mindset power

The Archway

The following effects are achieved with the help of intuitive archery:
  • Clear stable posture, strong body language
  • Definition of the path to the goal (time management)
  • Trust your intuition and use it actively
  • Set target impulses, let go and experience the energy of tension & relaxation
  • Achieve goals with attention and focus

The sword principle

The following effect is triggered by practicing swordsmanship:
  • Find and stabilize my center
  • Gain confidence
  • Courage to act (DO)
  • Make razor-sharp and clear decisions
  • Recognize and expand your leadership through Asian sword fighting

The Breakthrough Focus

Using a board and the right technique to:
  • Develop Breakthrough focus
  • Gain confidence
  • Increase self-assurance and self-esteem
  • Strengthen decisiveness
  • Promote intrinsic motivation

The o gumdo - Mind in Motion

Using the padded swords to:
  • Promote creativity and dynamics
  • Activate the senses and use them positively, 7-senses training
  • Solve confrontations playfully
  • Build teams with joy and recognize performance increase directly