Team Management

Companies find themselves in different situations and circumstances. In Team Building with Christian Daniel Mayer, the current and future needs of companies and employees are specifically addressed. As a sparring partner, he promotes creativity and dynamism in the team, which strengthens the ability to negotiate and the team energy.

Employee Development

Develop the potential of your employees. Habits, standards and the comfort zone are left behind and make room for new ideas, attitudes and energy on the road to success.

Your advantages:

  • Increase motivation
  • Promoting team energy
  • Harmonious working atmosphere
  • Strong ability to negotiate
  • Clear determination
  • Promotion of creativity & dynamics

Our offer:

  • Workshops (2-4 hours)
  • One-day seminars
  • Regular training units
  • Lectures
  • “The Master way” (module series)

We would be glad to design a tailor-made concept that will inspire you.

Or inform yourself about our different forms of mediation.


The Ki Energy

The path to more vital energy, power hub, mindfulness and easiness

The Archway

Using bow art to achieve clarity of purpose, power release, stronger intuition and sharp focus

The Sword Principle

Through the sword to strengthened determination, new leadership clarity, empathy and stability

The Breakthrough Focus

Through a simple borderline experience to new courage, clear focus, extended mindset and strong commitment

O gumdo - mind in motion

Using padded swords for playful training of the 7 senses, solving confrontations, new team experiences and promoting creativity and dynamics