Away from the frontal Power-Point presentation to the interactive lecture, Mayer Master inspires the audience in his very own way. From 20 to several hundred people.

Christian Daniel Mayer knows how to transfer the wisdom of the Far Eastern Martial Arts into everyday business life. As a speaker and lecturer, he moves people in a dynamic knowledge exchange.

The knowledge to be conveyed is anchored with interaction, joy and personal experiences.

Customers feedbacks shows: The experience surprises and inspires the participants and they take great and impressive knowledge with them.

Interactive lecture topics

  • More decisiveness through correct focusing
  • The sword of today is the determination
  • Strengthened self-management and perception of one’s own possibilities through Ki-energy
  • Leadership in everyday life
  • Resilience with a difference

Would you like to inspire your team? Bring variety into your daily work? Or, are you planning a customer presentation or an event for executives?

Let us discuss the possibilities of an interactive presentation.