Mayer Master Coaching methods allow you to work in a context that is especially tailor-made for you. Exercises between body and mind and direct dialogue bring heart, head and hand into harmony.

We need a clear focus, continuous will and strength in order to achieve our own dreams and visions.

In Coaching you train in a personal 1-on-1 exchange with Christian Daniel Mayer. He addresses your specific topics and accompanies you in building and developing new strengths, focus and determination through methods from martial arts, hypnosis therapy and DS coaching.

Your advantages:

  • Strengthening of self-value
  • Promotion of self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Slow down and more easiness
  • Release stress and blockades
  • Strengthen physical and mental health
  • Increase sports performance
  • Define and achieve goals

Further advantages:

  • Strengthening of leadership skills
  • Promotion of intuition & empathy
  • Intrinsic motivation increase
  • Energy regain during exhaustion periods
  • Optimization of individual performance


The path to increase energy, health and success in life lies, besides a balanced lifestyle, in the ability to perceive and trust the inner voice (intuition).

Important in Coaching is the openness to do new things in order to progress in life.

Our tools:

  • Self, people and system management
  • Mental and focus coaching
  • Emotion and aggression management
  • Training of self- and team responsibility
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Sports Coaching
  • Sports Kinesiology

Our formats:

  • Individual Coaching
  • Team of 2 Coaching
  • Team and group Coaching

Choose your topic and we establish together the appropriate methods for you.


The Ki Energy

The path to more vital energy, power hub, mindfulness and easiness

The Archway

Using bow art to achieve clarity of purpose, power release, stronger intuition and sharp focus

The Sword Principle

Through the sword to strengthened determination, new leadership clarity, empathy and stability

The Breakthrough Focus

Through a simple borderline experience to new courage, clear focus, extended mindset and strong commitment

O gumdo - mind in motion

Using padded swords for playful training of the 7 senses, solving confrontations, new team experiences and promoting creativity and dynamics



Clients’ Feedback on Coaching