Mayer Master supports your management, the teams and selected individuals in the development steps of your company by means of seminars or workshops.

An individual program with the training methods will be put together exactly according to your needs.


During one or several days, Christian Daniel Mayer trains you and your team to focus and decide on the desired goals.

The days are intensively designed and enriched with interactive exercises. Movement, doing, experiencing and participation are important building blocks in working together. Theory is combined with practice, and what is learned is immediately applied.

In this way the key points are demonstrably remembered and pave the way for daily implementation and long-term success.

Your advantages:

  • Intensive experience and learning
  • Strengthening mutual exchange and encounter
  • Activation of the 7-senses
  • Positive working climate
  • Anchoring individual goals through experience and action
  • Interface optimization between departments

Our formats:

  • 1 to 2-day seminars
  • Interactive exercises with the entire team
  • At your company or externally


In the workshops, topic-specific inputs are given over a shorter period of 2 – 4 hours. Small groups work intensively on one topic.

Christian Daniel Mayer assumes the role of moderator, instructs and guides the participants.

A workshop is also suitable to get to know the work and the offer of Mayer Master.

Your advantages:

  • Activation of the intrinsic motivation
  • Physically feel and experience mental strength
  • Strengthen mental focus
  • Small groups
  • Intensive cooperation
  • Finding solutions in a short time

Our formats:

  • 2 – 4 hours
  • Externally or at your company
  • Interactive exchange in small groups
  • An introduction to the Mayer Master Methodology

Are you interested in experiencing something new and exciting, personally or with your team, to acquire knowledge in a completely different way?

We would be glad to provide you with a non-binding offer.


The Ki Energy

The path to more vital energy, power hub, mindfulness and easiness

The Archway

Using bow art to achieve clarity of purpose, power release, stronger intuition and sharp focus

The Sword Principle

Through the sword to strengthened determination, new leadership clarity, empathy and stability

The Breakthrough Focus

Through a simple borderline experience to new courage, clear focus, extended mindset and strong commitment

O gumdo - mind in motion

Using padded swords for playful training of the 7 senses, solving confrontations, new team experiences and promoting creativity and dynamics


Seminars & Workshops

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