Every Training and Coaching combines theory, practice and action. Emphasis on movement and direct experience.
Mayer Master offers the adequate training and coaching for companies, associations and individuals through seminars, Coaching or interactive lectures on leadership or team building.



Through over 28 years of experience, our own teaching and negotiation methods have been developed and are offered in the various training courses. Appropriate exercises from the training methods are selected and compiled specifically for you.



  • You address your specific need.
  • We identify together the “pain points” and design a tailor-made offer among the applications of my training methods, based on your time and budget.
  • We constantly monitor the progress and improve or adapt the methods when required.



Seminars & Workshops

During one or several days, Christian Daniel Mayer addresses and deepens topics and contents with the participants.


In the Coaching you will be personally accompanied by Christian Daniel Mayer to dissolve blockades and reach your personal life goals by means of the comprehensive training methods, which leads to more easiness and joy.


Christian Daniel Mayer inspires his audience with his razor-sharp, interactive lectures. Away from Powerpoint to direct experience.

The Master Way

Increased sustainability through a tailor-made series of module seminars including coaching sessions.



The Ki Energy

The path to more vital energy, power hub, mindfulness and easiness

The Archway

Using bow art to achieve clarity of purpose, power release, stronger intuition and sharp focus

The Sword Principle

Through the sword to strengthened determination, new leadership clarity, empathy and stability

The Breakthrough Focus

Through a simple borderline experience to new courage, clear focus, extended mindset and strong commitment

O gumdo - mind in motion

Using padded swords for playful training of the 7 senses, solving confrontations, new team experiences and promoting creativity and dynamics